Johnny-Come-Lately/The New Kid in Town

So, I’m kind of cheap. Well, cheap is probably not the best way to describe  it. Gaming can be quite the pricey hobby if you are constantly getting new stuff. Further more, with the shortening length of games and the higher price, it’s getting harder and harder for me to justify spending $50-$60 on something I’ll have finished in a week. This is probably the reason I am overloaded with tons of mediocre JRPGs that my friends keep telling me I’ll never finish. I’ll prove them wrong….someday….

That’s beside the point. Unless its “guarenteed” to last long enough to get a ton of game time out of it, chances are that I’m playing it well after you have played it, beaten it, discussed it, and probably felt as if you might have been a little ripped off after walking out of Gamespot after trading it in. It’s not even a recent phenomenon, either. Outside of a brief few minutes at a friends house, I didn’t play Final Fantasy 7 until 2000, and that was probably typical for me back then.

Why bother writing about it then? Well, I figure that since most people played through a lot of the games that I’ll be discussing back when the hype from release was still there. Just as a new car, there’s just something appealing to new games. There are always going to be issues with a game/car, and you’ll recognize them, but that new car/game feel will make you just a little more willing to overlook.

With me, the hype passed in the time the game has been lingering on shelves. Plus, I’m not paying as much, so I don’t have to try to tell myself to ignore problems with a game. It’s all about perspectives, I guess, and this is just to offer a different take on it. Who knows, I’ll probably end up saying a lot of the same things that you’ve all said and heard, at which point I guess it’ll just prove that the stuff that you thought when you played it was right on the money.

So, how ’bout those games? I should probably get to ranting and raving. Bioshock’s up first.


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